uTrust Token Standard

Part No: 905551, 905556-1

This contactless smart card token can be used for PC logon, signing and encrypting documents or emails, and authenticating to secure web sites or a VPN. With a dual interface card, the token can be used for physical access, contactless electronic payments, and contactless electronic ticketing.

uTrust Token Standard also includes support for SCT3512 Secure Token.


Description Version Date  
Linux Drivers v5.0.35 August 21, 2015 Download
Mac Drivers v5.0.38 February 2020 Download
uTrust Windows Driver Installer v1.19 (driver v1.09.00.01) August 2016 Download
Windows Drivers
Windows XP, 7, and 8.1
v1.09.00.01 June 2016 Download
Windows 10 Drivers
(Device Guard compatible)
v1.09.00.02 February 2017 Download

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