Mx Controller/DIGI*TRAC

Part No: MX-2, MX-4, MX-8

The Mx Controller is fully compatible with DIGI*TRAC. Its modular design and scalable architecture enable an installation to start small and grow large, from a single controller system to a larger, multi-site enterprise.

Important: Please read release notes prior to installing or upgrading. Also, please refer to the DIGI*TRAC Family of Controllers End of Sale Notification and Frequently Asked Questions document below for more information about the EOS of DIGI*TRAC.

For software support and downloads, please access the Identiv Portal. If you don’t yet have access to the portal, you can register here.If you are an end-user, please contact your authorized channel partner. If you need a referral to an authorized channel partner, please contact an Identiv Inside Sales Representative at +1 949-250-8888 Ext. 2.


Description Version Date  
CCM 7.6.44 November 2019 Partner Portal
CCM 7.6.43 May 2019 Partner Portal
CCM 7.6.42 7.6.42 February 2019 Partner Portal
CCM 7.6.40 November 2018 Partner Portal
CCM 7.6.01 March 2018 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.70 August 2017 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.64 April 2017 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.61 7.5.61 July 2016 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.37 7.5.37 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.36 7.5.36 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.28 7.5.28 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.08 7.5.08 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.07 7.5.07 Partner Portal
CCM 7.5.04 7.5.04 Partner Portal


Description Version Date  
DIGI*TRAC Family of Controllers EOS Notification / FAQ April 2017 Download
CCM 7.6.44 Release Notes November 2019 Download
CCM 7.6.43 Release Notes May 2019 Download
CCM 7.6.42 Release Notes 7.6.42 February 2019 Download
CCM 7.6.40 Release Notes November 2018 Download
CCM 7.6.20 Release Notes July 2018 Download
CCM 7.6.01 Release Notes April 2018 Download
CCM 7.5.70 Release Notes August 2017 Download
CCM 7.5.64 Release Notes April 2017 Download
CCM 7.5.61 Release Notes 7.5.61 July 2016 Download
CCM 7.5.37 Release Notes 7.5.37 Download
CCM 7.5.36 Release Notes 7.5.36 Download
CCM 7.5.28 Release Notes 7.5.28 Download
CCM 7.5.8 Release Notes 7.5.8 Download
CCM 7.5.07 Release Notes 7.5.07 Download
CCM 7.5.04 Release Notes 7.5.04 Download
DIGI*TRAC Systems – Design & Installation Guide MAN001-0818 August 2018 Download
DIGI*TRAC Annunciator Guide   Download
Flashmaster Users Guide   Download