Part No: SNIB3

SNIB3 is a leading edge communication device that provides TCP/IP version 6, Gigabit Ethernet, and AES 256 bit encryption. These features are foundational for the critical U.S. federal government security standard known as FICAM.


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Description Version Date  
SNIB3 Firmware 02.04.1038 02.04.1038 November 2018 Partner Portal
SNIB3 Firmware 02.03.1008 02.03.1008 July 2018 Partner Portal
SNIB3 Firmware 02.02.0026 02.02.0026 March 2018 Partner Portal
SNIB3 Firmware 02.02.0004 02.02.0004 August 2017 Partner Portal
SNIB3 Firmware 02.01.0011 02.01.0011 February 2017 Partner Portal
SNIB3 Configuration Tool March 9, 2016 Download


Description Version Date  
SNIB3 02.04.1038 Firmware Release Notes 02.04.1038 November 2018 Download
SNIB3 02.03.1008 Firmware Release Notes 02.03.1008 July 2018 Download
SNIB3 02.02.0026 Firmware Release Notes 02.02.0026 April 2018 Download
SNIB3 02.02.0004 Firmware Release Notes 02.02.0004 June 22, 2016 Download
SNIB3 Quick Installation Guide June 20, 2016 Download
DIGI*TRAC Systems – Design & Installation Guide MAN001-0818 August 2018 Download