SDI010/SDI011 Dual Interface Smart Card Reader

Part No: 904671, 905419

ISO 14443 and ISO 7816 compliant, secure, dual interface smart card reader.


Description Version Date  
Linux Drivers v5.0.35 November 2018 Download
Mac Drivers v5.0.41 August 2021 Download
Windows Driver
Windows XP, 7, and 8.1
v5.28/v5.42 April 23, 2014 Download
Windows Driver Installer v1.12 (driver v5.27/v5.41) November 12, 2013 Download
Windows 10 Drivers
(Device Guard compatible)
v5.30/v5.44 March 2017 Download
SDI010 Firmware v7.46 March 26, 2012 Download
SDI011 Firmware v7.45 April 20, 2011 Download

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