SPR332 v2.0 Secure Class 2 PIN Pad Reader

Part No: 905127-1, 905127

Designed for home banking, e-commerce, and advanced electronic signature. These support documents and downloads are for both the SPR332 v2.0 Secure Class 2 PIN Pad Reader (part # 905127-1) and the SPR332 Legacy (part # 905127).


Description Version Date  
Linux Drivers v5.0.35 August 21, 2015 Download
Mac Drivers v5.0.36 February 2017 Download
Windows Driver
Windows XP, 7, and 8.1
v4.54 April 5, 2012 Download
Windows Driver Installer v1.06 (driver v4.53) August 16, 2013 Download
Windows 10 Drivers
(Device Guard compatible)
v4.55 February 2017 Download

Additional Downloads

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