Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM)

Part No: ICPAM

ICPAM is the management application for physical access that is tightly integrated into industry-leading Cisco technology, including routers, switches, Cisco Video Surveillance Manager, and Cisco IP Telephony.

ICPAM 3.0 Licensing

Description Version Date
ICPAM 3.0 License Activation Quick Start Guide v3.0 January 2017 Download
ICPAM 3.0 Software Licensing FAQs v3.0 January 2017 Download

User Guides

Description Version Date
ICPAM 3.0 User Guide v3.0 January 2017 Download
ICPAM 2.2 User Guide v2.2 September 2016 Download
ICPAM 2.1 User Guide v2.1 February 2016 Download

Ordering Guides

Description Date
ICPAM Ordering Guide April 2017 Download
Identiv Credentials Ordering Guide for Cisco June 2016 Download
Support and Maintenance Programs November 2016 Download
Identiv TS Reader Ordering Guide June 2016 Download

Installation Guides

Description Version Date
ICPAM 3.0 Installation Guide v3.0 February 2017 Download
ICPAM 2.2 Installation Guide v2.2 June 2016 Download
ICPAM 2.1 Installation Guide v2.1 April 2016 Download

Migration Guides

Description Date
CPAM to ICPAM Migration Guide May 2017 Download
CPAM to ICPAM Migration Checklist January 2017 Download

Release Notes

Description Version Date
ICPAM 3.0.1 (0.3.13) Release Notes v3.0.1 (0.3.13) June 2017 Download
ICPAM 3.0.0 (0.3.12) HOTFIX Release Notes v3.0.0 (0.3.12) April 2017 Download
ICPAM v3.0.0 (0.3.12) Release Notes v3.0.0 (0.3.12) January 2017 Download
ICPAM v2.2.0 (0.3.12) HOTFIX Release Notes v2.2.0 (0.3.12) February 2017 Download
ICPAM v2.2.0 (0.3.12) Release Notes v2.2.0 (0.3.12) December 2016 Download
ICPAM v2.2.0 (0.3.8) Release Notes v2.2.0 (0.3.8) May 2016 Download
ICPAM v2.1.1 (0.3.4) Release Notes v2.1.1 (0.3.4) April 2016 Download
ICPAM v2.1.0 (0.3.5) Release Notes v2.1.0 (0.3.5) April 2016 Download

Data Sheets

Description Date
ICPAM Data Sheet July 2016 Download
ICPAM Credentials Data Sheet April 2016 Download
EM-100 Physical Access Controllers Data Sheet April 2016 Download
Exit Reader Module for EM-100 Data Sheet June 2016 Download
Hirsch Mx Controller Data Sheet October 2016 Download
uTrust TS Reader Family (Cisco) Data Sheet October 2016 Download


Language Packs

Description Date
Spanish (Latin America) June 2017 Download

Other Downloads

Description Version Date
SNIB FW Update Walkthrough June 2017 Download
Mx Controller and Match2 Board Connected with Reader Diagram v3.0 January 2017 Download
Mx Controller and Wiegand Card Reader Diagram v3.0 January 2017 Download
Mx Controller Standard Wiring Diagram v3.0 January 2017 Download
ICPAM 3.0 v3.0 January 2017 Download
ICPAM 2.1 v2.1 April 2016 Download
Pre-Upgrade Script v4 June 2017 Download

Credentials Templates

If you need a format file that is not included in the zip files below, please contact support at

Description Download Download Download


ICPAM 3.0 (and newer) supports Cisco Gateways with 1.5.3 version of firmware. Gateway firmware no longer has to be coupled with the ICPAM version requiring firmware upgrades to be processed in parallel to software upgrades. See the Cisco Physical Access Gateway User Guide for instructions to upgrade older firmware versions to 1.5.3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can download the ICPAM 3.0 Software Licensing FAQs document from here.
Yes. ICPAM solutions are available for purchase. Please email an Identiv Channel Sales Manager at or contact your Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) for more information regarding pricing and availability.
ICPAM is available through Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Partners. If you are an Identiv customer interested in ICPAM, let us know and we can connect you with the Cisco representative in your area. If you are an Identiv partner, let your local sales contact know you are interested in becoming an authorized reseller and you will be provided Cisco contact information to sign up for the reseller program.
Yes, please visit the Identiv Academy's ICPAM Course. Curriculum covers hardware and software, alarms and reports, schedules, credentials, privileges, and troubleshooting.
Yes. Global I/O is supported in ICPAM.
The modules are half the size of the EM-100 and are in similar plastic casings.
The I/O modules are flexible. Some of the inputs can be configured as supervised or unsupervised. Please refer to the ICPAM User Guide for more information.
Device automation rules (Device I/O) differ from global automation rules (Global I/O) in the following ways: Device rules affect a single Gateway/EM-100. Global IO rules can affect multiple Gateways/EM-100s. Device rules trigger actions immediately since they are executed on the Gateway/EM-100 and not subject to system or network delays. Global IO rules may not execute immediately due to network delays, rules processing, communication between ICPAM and the Gateways/EM-100s, or other factors.
ICPAM supports multiple readers per door. When using the EM-100 controller with the Exit Reader Module, a two reader setup (in/out) per door can be added to an ICPAM deployment.
EM-100 has its own input for the door (door position switch, tamper, and REX) and when an Exit Reader Module connected, it supports an additional reader (in/out).
Yes. ICPAM and the EM-100 will have the same requirements. A customer that has purchased an Edge EVO controller may use as an ICPAM controller.